• How many drinks does one batch make?
    Each batch makes about 5 gallons of product, or about 65 nine (9) ounce servings.
  • What else do I need?
    Make sure that you have the required amount of alcohol at the time of delivery to ensure proper set up and a trouble free experience (customer supplies alcohol). In addition, payment is expected in full upon delivery of the machine and supplies. We accept Cash as well as Visa/MasterCard.
  • What type of electrical connection do I need?
    The machine requires a minimum 20 amp dedicated circuit. Machine needs to be placed near electrical outlet. No extension cords, as they will cause damage to machines.
  • What else do you need to know?
    We must be notified at the time of booking if there are any steps or stairs that may complicate the delivery.
  • What if I have any more questions?
    If you have any questions that may arise during your party, Just give us a call.
  • Can I use an extension cord?
    No, by doing so you run to damaging your machine. Each machine needs a dedicated 20 amp circuit.
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